The Greenfield Recycling Company, Inc.
The Greenfield Recycling Company, Inc,
P.O. Box 1283 | Greenfield MA 01301
phone 413.773.1728 | fax 413.773.1728
A Brokerage, Agency and Consulting company family owned since 1997. Not a materials recycling facility. Not affiliated with the Town of Greenfield or any of it's curbside programs.

About Us

The GRC is a full-time scrap metal trading company. We specialize in marketing and sourcing scrap for companies whose executives cannot afford or do not need full time trading staff. The GRC will locate new consumers or suppliers, work with existing ones, negotiate favorable market pricing, and follow up with transportation support, quality control, and invoice collections for all of its customers' scrap sales and shipment requirements.

The GRC markets prepared and unprepared, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastics, and electronic scrap to consumers and processors across the country and overseas. The GRC will assure your company of the best price and highest quality for whatever products you make.
The Greenfield Recycling Company's president and CEO, Peter L. Kramer, has 40 years of experience in all phases of scrap processing and recycling within the industry and its trade associations. Mr. Kramer has had direct operational responsibility for scrap recycling facilities, large and small, featuring all facets of equipment and processes. He has worked successfully with legislators and officials from state and federal agencies as well as local officials, Boards of Health, building inspectors, zoning and permit boards. As an industry consultant, he is ready, along with his associates in law, engineering, environmental regulation, and corporate organizational development, to help you succeed.

Ethan Kramer is the fourth generation of the family in the scrap business.  He brings a modern take on an historic industry with the IT knowledge and professional education to bring your company along with the GRC into the 21st century.  His experience in used auto parts, internet marketing, and customer service round out the GRC’s expertise in the scrap recycling industries.

References available on request.