The Greenfield Recycling Company, Inc.
The Greenfield Recycling Company, Inc,
P.O. Box 1283 | Greenfield MA 01301
phone 413.773.1728 | fax 413.773.1728
A Brokerage, Agency and Consulting company family owned since 1997. Not a materials recycling facility. Not affiliated with the Town of Greenfield or any of it's curbside programs.


The GRC takes the time to ensure our clients get the personal attention they need and the satisfactory results they expect. Our consulting services include and benefit:

The GRC's expertise blends a yard manager's knowledge and understanding of the physical operations with the marketing aspect of the business and the skills of a persuasive negotiator and communicator to benefit our clients, their employees, regulators, and the community. Our services include:

The GRC has worked with legistlators and officials from state agencies to develop regulations that are environmentally responsible, yet also industry-sympathetic. We understand the need for sound environmental policy and can assist our clients with compliance. The GRC and its associates have the experience necessary to help your company deal effectively with the following:

The GRC has 40 years of management experience in scrap recycling facilities, large and small, featuring all facets of equipment and processes.

The GRC also has extensive experience in organizational development, personnel training and conflict resolution and can assist its clients in building a synergistic team of people that will maximize your companies efficiency, productivity and profitability.